S.A. Chooses Console Network Solutions for its Network Expansion

netplus choose IX Reach for its network expansionWho are they? S.A. provides interactive TV, telephone and Internet services in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. It is the only Swiss company able to deliver its services across any type of network distribution, including CATV with coax, FTTH or xDSL in a technologically agnostic way.

Today, netplus has more that 70,000 Internet clients, 40,000 telephony clients, 145,000 TV clients and 200 SME clients.


In March 2011, a project netplus was working on required access to TV content in Paris. Console Network Solutions were recommended by netplus’ data center partner, Equinix, when researching which carriers might be able to help with their particular requirement and offer inter- Equinix site connectivity.

netplus had a number of services with a third party network service provider, including a Layer 2 connection between Equinix Zurich and Equinix Geneva, which they were looking to move to a new provider.

Another challenge netplus was facing was the rate at which its customer base, and therefore the size of the data being exchanged, was growing – it had increased to a far higher level than had been anticipated.


Console Network Solutions connected the Swiss company, using a Layer 2 solution over its reliable and robust MPLS network, between netplus’ existing Point of Presence in Geneva and Telehouse 2 in Paris. As both locations were already on-net for Console Network Solutions, the service was provisioned within days, therefore instantly enabling netplus customers to enjoy the new content.

Aware of Console’s large global network, and after experiencing the near instant turn up times at reasonable prices, netplus transferred business to Console Network Solutions.


netplus’ network has been greatly improved through its partnership with Console Network Solutions; TV content can be accessed instantly and viewed seamlessly from across Europe due to low latency connections. netplus received lots of positive feedback from its customers, leading to more people signing up to services and an exponential growth in its customer base.

netplus has reduced its IP transit usage through its peering agreements with Console Network Solutions therefore also reducing outgoing costs.


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