Lepida SpA Expand their Network with Console Network Solutions

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Lepida SpA is a telecoms company headquartered in Bologna, Italy. Starting in the early 2000s with the design and construction of a broadband network, Lepida has continued to expand its range of services across Europe.



A challenge occurred in July 2014, when Lepida SpA decided to extend its network throughout new regions of Europe. Lepida’s service expansion, now demanded strong connections to Internet Exchange Points, and the guarantee of network resilience and reliability, in order to sustain its continued growth.


Console Network Solutions connected the Italian company virtually to DE-CIX in Frankfurt, LINX in London and France-IX in Paris, all with a 1GE port, from one of their main Points of Presence in MIX, Milan.

Lepida later upgraded the solution, adding a virtual interconnection between Amsterdam and the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX), in North America.


By using Console Network Solutions for its network expansion, Lepida SpA has broadened its reach through three of Europe’s largest Internet Exchanges and a popular Exchange on the West Coast of the US. As a result, Lepida’s regional and international customers now have direct and low-latency data transport to over 1,500 European, and over 200 North American peer networks.

Console Network Solutions’ Virtual Interconnection service was the ideal solution for Lepida SpA as it allowed for rapid connectivity with no need for colocation or hardware at each Internet Exchange Point.

DE-CIX 100th Reseller PortIX Reach - DE-CIX

On 12th August 2014, it was announced that Console Network Solutions had connected the 100th end customer, following the Lepida SpA project.

“We are delighted to reach this significant milestone alongside IX Reach (now known as Console Network Solutions) and Lepida SpA,” commented Andreas
Sturm, Head of Business Development at DE-CIX. Sturm continued, “Over the years IX Reach (Console Network Solutions) has played a vital role in supporting the on- going expansion of DE-CIX and its entry into new markets such as the Middle East and the USA. This is a great reward for IX Reach (Console Network Solutions) to have the satisfaction of connecting the 100th end customer through the Partner Program.”


“By increasing our peering points with IX Reach (Console Network Solutions), we are able to receive all of the benefits of peering, without the need to secure colocation space or hardware infrastructure. Our local partners also receive the same benefits, increasing their competitive advantage.”

Gianluca Mazzini, General Director of Lepida SpA


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